Saturday, August 25, 2012

Midwest Meltdown Race Preview

Tomorrow's the last triathlon of the year for me, the Midwest Meltdown Triathlon, which will be taking place in Paola, KS, about 30 minutes south of Kansas City.

There is a sprint distance and long course race, which I'm opting in for the shorter of the 2 choices. Distances include a 750m swim, 10.5mi bike, and a 5k run. The swim is a bit longer the my last sprint races at 750 meters, but word on the street is that it might be wetsuit legal! SWEET! It will be the second race I will use my full sleeve 2XU wetsuit I got for Christmas!

I needed some practice getting it on.  It was a bit snugger than it was in May.....
AKA Diet time...

As of now, the weather is looking a bit suspect.  Of course, Kansas has had approximately 3 days with substantial rain since May (made up fact), and one of the days is looking like it will be my final triathlon of the season.  Oh well, we need some rain (although I'm pretty sure the crops are screwed at this point).

Humidity at 97%? Sure!

With this being my last race, I'm looking at just having a good time and enjoying it.  After Sunday, I will be in full-on run mode, with my training focusing on my 2 final half marathons of 2012.

I've been living in my Sugoi compression sleeves the last month...

My training has been mediocre at best for swim/bike since my last race, but my emphasis has turned to run training the last month.  I've increased my weekly volume to 25 miles, and that's only going to increase.  I'm hoping to see AT LEAST a similar time from my 5k run at the Matt Mason Memorial Triathlon this month.

Regardless, I'm going to try and get my 20mph average for the bike this race.  I hear that this is a flat course, and with a little help from the weather, I think I can finally crack the 20mph threshold.  It would give be a nice boost heading into my "offseason"!

Finally, I have a training buddy of mine racing in his first full distance Ironman tomorrow at Louisville, and I will be thankful I don't have a 140.6 miles to cover!  Best of luck, Jon!!!

Be back for a race report!
Thanks for reading!!!

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Marc Nelson said...

Nice to know that you have increased the weekly volume to 25 miles, and that's only going to increase. I am sure that you will perform better than the Matt Mason Memorial Triathlon. All the best Jon for your first full distance Ironman!I am looking forward for the race report.