Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Half Ironman Training Week 3

Time has been flying lately!  I can't believe another week has gone by already.  I feel like I am just running to the next thing, with either school, work, homework, or training needing to be done.  My apartment is a mess, but maybe I fit in some time to straighten up the place this weekend.  Hmm, maybe not...

This semester has already tested my time management skills, and I've really been making the most out of my available time.  I've managed to fit in just about everything in my life, and have also been getting to bed at a decent hour.  Although it's been helping that I'm completely beat by 9:00pm and often fall asleep on the couch...  Swims are happening at 6:00am before class, I've squeezed in some lunchtime runs during work, and am relying on the evenings to get homework done.

Monday:  1550 yard SWIM
Tuesday: 21 mile BIKE
Wednesday: 4.5 mile lunchtime RUN
Thursday: 16.7 mile BIKE/ 3 mile transition RUN/ 1 hour Volleyball
Friday:  Recovery day
Saturday: 7.25 mile RUN
Sunday: 21.5 mile BIKE

Overall, I got in every workout that was on the plan.  I wanted to get in an extra swim on Friday, but ended up staying on campus and helping with some lecture stuff.

Also, my school volleyball team has started playing again!  My class has had a team in the school league for the last 5 semesters, and we've taken 2nd place in the league 5 straight times.  I have a feeling that this is the year for a CHAMPIONSHIP!  Go Bumblebees!

Team Bumblebees!
 (I'm the AHole on the right with the nice socks)
Welp, gotta go! It's been real (as they say...).  I'm hoping to get a shoe review done this week, but hey. Not promising anything....

Thanks for reading.

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