Monday, April 30, 2012

And I'm back!

Wow, long time, no see....

Life the past 2 months has been absolutely ridiculous.  Let me catch you up!


  1.  I'm graduating!  Yes, in a little over a week from now I will have my Master's Degree!  And everyone will call me "Master".  Or at least my dog will...  School has been rather hectic this last month, as I've been starting, stopping, and restarting research studies the had basically dissolved overnight. I envisioned a pretty easy and low key semester, one where I could just "coast" to graduation, but I got exactly the opposite.  Regardless, it's all working out now, thankfully.  And who knows, maybe I will make an interesting post out of it!
  2. I have officially left my position as a "rehab tech" to continue working at the same KC hospital as an Occupational Therapist (assuming I graduate in 10 days and pass my boards)!  It's my first 'big kid' job, and I couldn't be happier!  I already know all of my coworkers, and know that it's going to be a great experience! And the bigger paychecks are going to kick a$$!
  3. I have also accepted a graduate assistant position through the University of Kansas' Occupational Therapy department!  I have already started the PhD program through the department, and now I get to help teach some clinical classes and continue to hone my 'research skillzzzz' (technical term).  Again, I'm incredibly excited and very fortunate to have the position!
  4. I have to start paying back some SERIOUS LOANS for school.  Apparently I owe someone a $@%Tload of $$$...Eff...

Back in mid-march (my last post...), I was struggling with an IT Band/Hip issues while running.  I felt like it was taking forever to heal and feel okay to run on.  It has been the most discouraging injury I've ever experienced, including a broken hand, toes, patellar strains, yada yada yada.  I ended up taking 2.5 weeks off of running completely, and basically started back up incredibly slow.  Like having a 4 miler be my long run for the week...  I ended up skipping the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon in April, which was really tough.  All in all, it took about 10 weeks to have my first pain-free run.  But now I'm good to go!  I'm currently holding off on all of my speedwork/track sessions and am solely focusing on getting my long runs back up to 10+ miles.  Last week was my first 10 mile run in almost 3 months, so I'm getting a little more confidence back in the run! My endurance is coming back, but the speed is definitely gone...

As much as my run dropped off, my bike has taking massive strides this spring!  I'm about 6 weeks out from my first Half Ironman triathlon, and I'm averaging faster times for 3 hour rides than I did in some of the sprint triathlons last year. That's insane!!!  I finally feel pretty comfortable on the bike, feel like I'm getting my pacing dialed in just right, and have really enjoyed riding!  Getting outside and off the trainer has definitely helped!

The swim has also improved!  Last week I had my first 3k yard swim to date, all the while averaging a faster pace than I did in any race last year!  I've been pretty focused on technique, body roll/balance in the water, and a faster arm turnover.  I can't wait to get into some open water and test the wetsuit and sighting!

Currently, my weekly volume is unlike anything I've ever done.  My run volume is pretty similar to the half marathon training last September, but I'm also throwing in the swimming and biking.  I was averaging 6-8 hours of training back in February, but now I'm around 12-13 hours each week.  I will max out in 2 weeks at 15 hours, and then start tapering for the 70.3!!!

I learned how to clean a drain!
(and yes. It was awful...)

I've developed an awesome "garmin" tanline!

Max is growing into quite the young man! (the dog....)

He is also a strict coach...

KC Royals Opening Day! Gave up 7 runs in the 1st Inning! eff...

Boulevard Brewery!  

That's about it!  Sorry for the long winded post, but I felt like I had some explaining to do!  

My first REAL race is in a couple weeks, the 5150 KC Triathlon!  It will be my first Olympic distance triathlon, and should give me a good idea about where my fitness is for Ironman Kansas.  There will be plenty of amateurs there, as well as pros, including Chris Lieto!  Crazy!

Thanks for sticking out my absence, and as always, thanks for reading!


Ryan said...

So which are you? Amateur or a pro? =) Didn't know Lieto was going to be there to murder everyone....

Mark said...

yeah, I'm an immature. And now I'm wondering if Lieto will be there. The folks released an updated list of pros, with his name off. Sucks, I'd like to see a 30mph bike split...