Friday, August 19, 2011

Video Friday 8-16-11

Good news!  I was ORIGINALLY supposed to have eye surgery yesterday to remove some scar tissue from my cornea.  I went to my appointment, and the Doc said he didn't think I would need to!  Unfortunately, I now get to "burn" the scar down with an eye drop made to do so.  And no swimming for a month (infections...?).  Not exactly pleasant, but better than surgery!  Although this is great news for me, I was looking forward to looking like a pirate today :( But I was able to get a HOT run in without an eye patch yesterday at 2:00pm (idiot).

While in Hilton Head, I got to do quite a bit of "crosstraining" while on the island.  I got to play some golf, with a bunch of Copperhead and Cottonmouth rattlesnakes, and played some tennis with Rach.  In fact, our match stretched out into 3 separate sessions due to the heat, the last being cut short because of the family "talent show".  Rach and I's "Motivational Juggling Routine" did not win.... (google DeAngelo Vickers juggling)

Anyways, I really enjoy tennis.  I like playing, although I have never taken a lesson, and think it is pretty good exercise.  Plus, it's a way to compete with my GF who played competitively in high school and usually KILLS me.  It was nice to play on vacation, as we both haven't played in a while.  Plus I was winning!  HA!

This week's video is of Novak Djokovic doing an interview for some random show/channel.  Apparently, he asked the reporter if he knew the Capital of Thailand....

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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