Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In the drink...

Let the offseason begin!

Oh, what's that?

There isn't an "offseason"?

Oh, okay!

Yeah, yeah, yeah... it's break time.  No races planned till 2012 means some decreased volume on the training front.  And it really couldn't come at a better time.  My right foot is still killing me, 4 days post race.  Probably not a good thing... Getting a running evaluation done this winter is a definite priority!!! I need shoes that fit me, instead of my foot trying to conform to my shoes.

So, you may be wondering what my offseason is going to look like.  Hmm, well I really don't know yet.  My goal (and the fun part) is going to be doing what I feel like doing.  I'm still probably going to spend a good amount of time on the trainer, on the treadmill, and in the pool (cold here in Kansas).  But that's a given.  I definitely will be spending some time planning out 2012.  But the biggest change in training will be the strength training!  I'm going to make it a priority to lift at least twice a week, something that I haven't done since December 2010.

I do have some good news!  Today was my first day back in the pool in over 3 months.  The last time I swam was at the Shawnee Mission Triathlon back in July.  Although somewhat unannounced, I have been dealing with some intense eye issues.  Back in June, I had a corneal tear that became infected.  Once that healed, I then started developing ulcers on the same eye. I was then told I needed surgery, and have a chronic eye condition.  My eye Doc said it would be best to hold off on swimming because of the increased risk of more infections with (basically) open wounds on my eye.  So after 3 months, my eye is healing up and finally good enough to swim!

I did my strength training before the swim today, so my arms were a bit tired, but i felt pretty good overall!  I did mostly drills, and kept the distance at an easy 1000 yards, baby steps...  Easing back into it...  And for some reason my hips weren't sinking as much as usual!  My feet were right at the surface!

Apparently, the 3 months of non-swimming activity took it's toll on my goggles. As I reached in my bag to put them on, I realized they had turned a funky soft yellow color.

That's so not Raven...
It reminds me of tupperware if you microwave spaghetti in it, and has a funky stain on it... Weird example...

Hoping for a new pair at Christmas! (hint hint)

Still waiting on race photos, and working on my Suspension Trainer Post!!!

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