Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Old Lady Hip

No, that's not my new nickname.  It's basically what my left hip has been feeling like recently.

After the last couple weeks, my hip has been a little tender following runs.  I thought it was no big deal, and after icing and stretching, it felt normal.  This last week, however, it's been really flaring up.  Ice is no longer dulling the pain, and I'm usually pretty sore the following day after a good run.

I'm thinking it's the early stages of bursitis, or inflammation of the fluid sac in yo hipz.  It's science.

I started looking back at race photos, you know, to re-live the moments and cry about the lack of current races.  However, I noticed in my last race, the KC Half Marathon, that my left knee appeared to be buckling inwards a bit.

My left knee is practically hitting my right knee!
Here's a comparison photo from the Cerner 15k, which I ran 1 month before KC.

Although a different angle, the left leg is looking straight!
These pictures hint at a muscle imbalance or abnormality in the hip, and made me watch my form during my last Sunday run.  Turns out, my left knee kept buckling inward, and hit my right knee on several occasions.  Not good, and probably a good sign as to why I'm having hip issues.

After discussing my issue with several PTs at work, it turns out my hips are weak, especially when moving my leg outward.  This makes sense, as all of my workouts take place in a "sagittal plane" (going anatomical on you), or moving forward (running, biking, swimming, etc.)  I rarely have any lateral movements, or to the sides, which probably work the weaker areas of my hips.

To make matters worse/better, I had a quick running evaluation today at work, where some co-workers completely tore apart my running form.  Needless to say, I now have quite a bit to work on :) !

I got some good hip strengthening exercises, stretches, and tips on improving my form (increase your cadence!!!).  I'm really hoping these exercises solve the problem, and make me a stronger runner!

I'm getting a good amount of rest the remainder of the week/weekend, as I'm going to be heading to South Carolina for a LONG weekend!  I only have 2 runs planned, and no biking/swimming.  I will definitely have time to rest the hip, and work in my new exercises!

Thanks for reading!

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