Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Final Build Week!

This is it!  My final build week is here, right before my taper starts for the next 2 weeks!  Saturday was my final tune-up race, and it went VERY well!  I actually surprised myself a bit, and got a WHOLE lot of confidence!  The report is written (in theory), and I'm just waiting for some race pics!  Try to contain your excitement!!!

I did my last set of intervals on Monday, and I could tell the legs weren't fully recovered from the race Saturday.  They felt pretty heavy throughout the set, but I managed to hit the splits I wanted.  My HR was pretty high throughout, but seeing as the race is about 3 weeks out, I'm not too worried. I think there will be plenty of recovery the next 2 weeks. And the foot is holding up okay!  It is still a bit tender, but I think I will be able to keep everything together and under control until the race.  The intervals days have been the most painful, and I'm glad I managed to get through the last without incident!

All I have planned for the week is a 7 mile tempo run today, and a 12 mile long run on Saturday, with 5 miles at race pace.  Should be exciting!  I'm also planning a quick ride on Sunday morning around KC with my friend Jordan. I haven't ridden outside in awhile, as I have been focusing on the runs and using spins on the trainer as a recovery.  But still, no excuse for not getting out and enjoying this awesome weather!

On a non-training note, the American Royal BBQ Competition will be in KC this weekend!  If you are unfamiliar with Kansas City, barbeque is kind of a big deal here. The American Royal is held here each year, as a "World Series" of barbeque.

There are hundreds of tents set up, with teams competing in different categories.  Some friends of mine will have a team there, and I will be "taste testing" on Friday!  I can't wait!  I will definitely be fueling up for my long run on Saturday! Hopefully I can exhibit some self control.... But probably not...Ribs....mmmm!

Hope your week is going great! Thanks for reading!

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