Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Training Totals

Wow.  So December begins tomorrow... CRAZY!!!  This month has flown by.  I guess it helps staying busy. And, it only has 30 days... Still, it's hard to believe this semester is over for me in 2 weeks!  I'm excited, but not as much as I usually am.  I really have enjoyed most of my classes this semester!  Independent study is pretty, pretty, prettttty good.

Curb reference.  Check it out.  I am basically Larry David.
My offseason seems to be going well!  With this being my first one, I have nothing to compare it to (other than the first 24 years of my life).  I have stuck to my offseason training plan, and am hoping I'm not doing to much too soon.

Here's my training calendar, with my November totals:

Yellow/blank days = rest

Yoga???  Yes!  Brutal!

All in all, I like the amount of time I've spent on the bike.  I really feel like I am able to push a bit harder than I was a month ago.  Progress...  And I know, no swims....  Right now, my training plan revolves around a lot of biking, running, and strength training, as those are the areas I want to improve on the most this winter.  I'm sure I will be hitting the pool soon, so I'm not worried about the lack of laps!

Hope everyone else had a great November, and December shapes up to be awesome!  Thanks for reading!

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ScottyB said...

230 miles on the bike? I sure hope that isn't all on the trainer.

Great month. When I think of off season I think of taking it easy, this is anything but... way to go!